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Eldridge is a growing community just north of Davenport in Iowa. Eldridge has the lowest property taxes of any large city in Scott County, Iowa and the quality of life is among the best in the area. This makes for a desirable place to buy a home. Continue browsing this page to discover more about Eldridge including homes for sale, its history and what it is like to live in Eldridge and if you need to do a little more research before buying, check out the pages below for additional real estate options:

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Eldridge, Iowa total population is estimated to be 6,543 and rising! The Eldridge area is full of opportunities – for business and industry, educational achievement, raising a family and getting involved. It’s not hard to find your niche in an area full of opportunities!

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Eldridge History

The first territory settlers, the majority of whom were Scotch and Irish Presbyterians, arrived in the Eldridge area. In 1846, Jacob M. Eldridge moved permanently to Davenport from Philadelphia and purchased land north of Davenport from the U.S. Government for $1.25 per acre. Known as the 48ers, immigrants from Schleswig and Holstein, Germany arrived and settled in the Scott County area.

Railroads were developed during the 1860s, bringing more settlers. Eldridge Junction, built on land donated by Jacob Eldridge, was incorporated on July 2, 1871. A post office and a Presbyterian church were soon built.

Eldridge faced several challenges during its early years. The railroad faltered financially during the 1880s and was relocated to Oxford Junction, while a smallpox epidemic several years later was said to have totally isolated the city. A fire heavily damaged the city’s business district in 1904, and in 1918 a tornado of unknown strength heavily damaged or destroyed several residences and the church, and killed one person.

Each time, the city recovered, and the farming community maintained its status as a grain and livestock shipping center.
The city began growing in population during the 1950s, starting with the formation of the Scott County Library System (a countywide network of libraries serving smaller communities in the area) in 1950, and the North Scott Community School District in 1956. By the late 1960s, the population had grown to more than 1,000 residents, and with the creation of several industrial parks to encourage new business development, the city continued to grow.

Eldridge Community

Eldridge is the perfect mix of small town living with big city adjacency. Just minutes away from Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, and Rock Island and located adjacent to Highway 61, you can be anywhere in the Quad Cities in no time. With numerous parks, a recreation trail, a fitness center, and excellent schools, Eldridge is the perfect choice for families and singles alike.

Attractions and Entertainment

Eldridge houses entertainment venues from Iowa’s Largest Trampoline Park, Helium, to a Community Center/Skatepark. There are also several parks in the area with walking, hiking, camping, biking trails, swimming, and fishing available. In addition, the city has seven churches, a library and a fitness center.

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