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Benefits of New Construction

People are starting to live in their homes for longer periods of time than in the recent past, which is a consideration and one of the benefits of new construction. The practical realities of homeownership point to a new awareness of issues like energy efficiency, long term livability, flexibility and costs of ownership and operation, versus merely considering the purchase price of their next residence. Here are a few more considerations and some benefits of new construction.

  • Resale – New homes typically resell more quickly and at a higher comparative value because of the perception of the need for fewer repairs and updates.
  • Cost of Ownership – There are typically fewer repairs, updates and lower utility costs.
  • Quality of Construction – Modern designs, construction materials, and techniques help create homes that are more livable, more Earth-friendly and more cost effective to own and operate.
  • Livability – Modern room layouts and better outdoor/indoor space integration allow full home functionality in a smaller amount of square footage, and place emphasis on modern, rather than outdated, usage of space in the home. You are paying for space you can use.

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