The Ruhl Family

“Our people really care about our clients and strive to exceed expectations. At Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors, our people are the difference.” - Caroline Ruhl, CEO

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team works closely with our agents and staff to ensure our vision and values are realized.

Chris Beason President Corporate Office
Caroline Ruhl Chief Executive Officer Corporate Office
Roni Pianca Vice President, Relocation & Business Development Corporate Office
David Falk Director of New Construction and Development, Assistant Sales Manager of the Davenport Office Davenport Office
Doug Himmelman Chief Financial Officer Corporate Office
Mike Wendt Managing Broker, In House Counsel Moline Office
Darcy Holle Director of Career Development Corporate Office
Ben Schrempf Information Technologies Supervisor Corporate Office
Kaitlyn Robertson Manager of Staff Operations Corporate Office
Kierra Klinkenberg Customer Service Supervisor Corporate Office
John Ruhl President, NAI Ruhl Commercial Corporate Office
Scott Nelson President, Nelson Brothers Insurance Corporate Office
Maureen Linnabery Property Manager Moline Office, Property Management
Jane Schneider President, Ruhl Mortgage Corporate Office
Elizabeth Clark Director of Marketing & Public Relations, REALTOR® Bettendorf Office, Corporate Office

Sales Managers

Our sales managers are committed to helping our clients and agents move to the lives of their dreams.

Matt Schwind Managing Broker Bettendorf Office
Melissa Schwenker Realtor, Manager Burlington Office
Ollie Dent Realtor, Managing Broker Cedar Rapids Office, Newbo Office
Hannah Peart REALTOR®, Office Manager Clinton Office
Sally Atwell Managing Broker Davenport Office
Jeff Hefel Realtor, Managing Broker Dubuque Office, Galena Office
Mark Signs Realtor, Sales Manager Iowa City Office
Jim Cannon Realtor, Assistant Sales Manager Iowa City Office
Eric Schlutz, ALC Managing Broker Muscatine Office
Craig Newcomb Assistant Manager Bettendorf Office
Jeramy Jennings Realtor DeWitt Office
Rick Berg Realtor, Assistant Sales Manager Moline Office

Office Staff

Whether at the front desk or behind the scenes, our office staff works hard each day to ensure our clients and our agents have what they need.

Jessica Brown Career Development Coordinator Corporate Office
Stephanie Lank Realtor Bettendorf Office, Property Management
Ginger Miller Marketing and MLS administrator Davenport Office
Dounia Sareini Virtual Assistant Corporate Office
Deb Painter Marketing and MLS Admin Muscatine Office
Bonnie Carlson Marketing and MLS Admin Dubuque Office, Galena Office
Sean Lange IT Technician Corporate Office
Haleigh Downs Marketing and MLS Admin Bettendorf Office
Daniel Harris Marketing and MLS Admin Iowa City Office
Courtney Wehmeier Digital Marketing Coordinator Corporate Office
Katy Dodds Marketing and MLS Admin Burlington Office
Patti Keller Marketing and MLS Admin Muscatine Office
Theresa Hensley Marketing and MLS Admin Moline Office
Alyssa Condit Part Time Customer Service Coordinator Corporate Office
Nancy Chesney MLS Administrator Bettendorf Office
Elizabeth Hathaway Office Staff Corporate Office
Amy Wolf Legal Compliance Coordinator & MLS Trainer Corporate Office
Kim Foderberg Property Management Coordinator Property Management
Customer Care Customer Service Corporate Office
Karen Olds MLS Administrator Davenport Office
Mike Baugh Controller Corporate Office
Property Management Realtor Property Management
Theresa DeVine Accounting Clerk Corporate Office
Isabel Dawson Administrative Coordinator Corporate Office
Misty Grady Foreclosure, Outgoing Referral, & Business Development Coordinator Corporate Office
Terry Redeker Virtual Assistant Bettendorf Office, Davenport Office
Amanda Bertelli Accounting Corporate Office
KariAnn McLeod Front Desk Administrator Moline Office
Cathy Eggers Marketing and MLS Admin Clinton Office
Nikki Lindholm Agent and Training Support Coordinator Corporate Office
Brooke Harrigan Marketing and MLS Admin Cedar Rapids Office, Newbo Office
Lynn Heiar Marketing and MLS Admin DeWitt Office
Mandy Pavelka Real Estate Professional Davenport Office
Jean Huinker Relocation Coordinator Corporate Office