To make your house stand out, ensure that leaves are raked, snow is shoveled and shrubbery is trimmed and neat.

If you have flower beds or gardens, you will need to weed them. Siding might need to be power washed, and we suggest a potted plant or seasonal decoration near the front door.

For rear patio or deck, comfortable furniture arrangements work great. You want the home to look inviting and welcoming, but don’t want to overdo it with too many decorative objects, as it can get too distracting. Remember, less is more!

Here are some items you don’t want to forget!

  • Mow your lawn
  • Trim the scrubs
  • Edge any gardens or walkways
  • Weed and mulch
  • Stack woodpiles neatly
  • Add color or plants to the bare spots in your lawn
  • Clear or sweep walkways and driveways
  • Remove snow, ice or leaves from the walkway
  • Remove any outdoor furniture that is in bad shape
  • Add a seasonal doormat or decorations
  • Paint your front door and mailbox
  • Touch up any exterior paint
  • Clean/repair patio and deck area
  • Replace storm doors
  • Repair broken windows and shutters, torn screens or frames
  • Repair gutters and eaves
  • Check/repair doorbells and exterior lighting

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