The documents you will need are:

  • Two Most Recent Paycheck Stubs for all Borrowers
  • Complete Tax Returns for 2020 and 2019 (Including W-2’s)
  • Two Most Recent Bank Statements (All Pages)
  • Copy of Homeowner’s Insurance Information
  • 401(K) Statment if Applicable
  • Social Security/Disability Awards Letter if Applicable
  • Child Support Order If Applicable

Things to Consider During the Loan Application


  • Do respond promptly to your loan officer for any additional documentation requests.
  • Do keep credit card balances below available limits at all times during the loan process.
  • Do pay accounts on time.
  • Do inform your loan officer if you receive money from family or a friend.
  • All money transfers from 1 account to another will need to be traced.
  • Do inform your loan officer immediately of any sudden change in your job status.
  • Do stay in contact with your loan officer and real estate agent.
  • Do call your Ruhl mortgage Lender with questions.


  • Don’t change your name or address during the loan process.
  • Don’t change employment.
  • Don’t make any major purchases, such as a car, furniture, or another house.
  • Don’t apply for new credit of any kind.
  • Don’t pay off collections or charge offs.
  • Don’t consolidate your debt.
  • Don’t close any credit card accounts.
  • Don’t dispute anything on your credit report once the loan process has started.

Things to Remember on Closing Day

  • Bring a cashiers check for your down payment and closing costs (if required).
  • Bring a state issued photo id.
  • Bring your spouse, both parties must attend closing.
  • Before signing all documents, confirm the name and address that appear on the loan documents are correct.
  • Review your final loan documents to make sure that your interest rate and loan terms are what was agreed on.

Downloadable PDF Version Below:

Loan Application Checklist

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