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Asbury is a safe and friendly residential community that holds strong family values for the future. Asbury is one of the fastest-growing communities in the State of Iowa. In 2000, the census population was 2,450, whereas the 2016 special census population is currently 5,451. This fast-growing community is filled with emerging opportunities and wide-open spaces. Continue browsing this page to see all houses for sale in Asbury, IA. If you need to do a little more research before buying, check out the information on this page. Asbury is located outside of Dubuque, Iowa. View homes for sale in Dubuque, Iowa for more real estate options.

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Asbury History

The City of Asbury is located in eastern Dubuque County, adjacent to the west side of the City of Dubuque in Dubuque County. Asbury was founded in the 1830s principally by Methodists who named their church after Francis Asbury, the first bishop of their faith in America.
One would surmise that Asbury was incorporated in pioneering days, when it and scores of other places that are now flyspecks on the map showed promise of rapid growth. It is true that the city was active commercially before the automobile facilitated travel to Dubuque but that background has nothing to do with the incorporation.
Asbury achieved city status in 1933, after repeal of prohibition, in order to have legalization of beer sales. Incorporation was necessary because it was not until later that county boards of supervisors were empowered to issue beer permits in rural areas.
One of the first census counts in Asbury accredits the city with 27 citizens. Between 1960 and 1970 Asbury grew from 71 to 410 residents. At that time, Asbury was the fastest growing city in the state. Since 1970 they have grown to more than 5,451 citizens.

Asbury Community

Asbury is maintaining its general goal of bringing a high-quality community where people live, learn, grow, work and play – the kind of place that people want to call “home”. Asbury values nature and open space along with safe community living, conveniently located adjacent to Dubuque, Iowa.
Asbury prides themselves in the development of parks and trails and most recently the development of a public library. Also, The Meadows Golf Club was recently acquired by the City of Asbury.

Attractions and Entertainment

The City of Asbury maintains three large parks and a pedestrian trail. The city also encompasses a public library and The Meadows Golf Club as well as a small handful of restaurants and local shops.

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