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Grand Mound, IA is located in Clinton County.  This small community is within a short distance of DeWitt, IA, and it offers small-town charm to residents. No matter your reason for moving, Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors has plenty of homes for sale in Grand Mound, IA for you to choose from. Continue browsing this page to see all houses for sale and real estate options in Grand Mound.

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Grand Mound History

The site of Grand Mound, Iowa was first established when the Chicago, Iowa and Nebraska Railroad came through in 1858. Consequently, it was platted in 1866. Allegedly, the town name was the result of a spelling error that went uncorrected. It was meant to be called Sand Mound.

Grand Mound Community

According to the last census, the population of Grand Mound sits at about 642.

Attractions and Entertainment

Grand Mound, IA offers residents and visitors access to city parks, a recreation center, annual events, and more!

Join a volleyball or softball league, or use the basketball, tennis, and park playground on the south side of town.

Visit Grand Mound’s website for more information about local events and recreation opportunities.

To stay up to date, visit the Grand Mound Facebook page.

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