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Kingston Village occupies the west bank of the Cedar River in downtown Cedar Rapids. The town of Kingston was incorporated on August 11, 1852, just three years after Cedar Rapids. The town was named for David King, an early settler to the west side who operated a ferry across the river to Cedar Rapids. Kingston Village real estate and home buyers enjoy living in a warm and friendly atmosphere just minutes from downtown businesses, shopping, music/sports venues and entertainment.

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Kingston Village is located outside of Cedar Rapids. View homes for sale in the Cedar Rapids area for more real estate options.

Kingston Village History

The location near what is now called Mays Island provided an ideal crossing point over the Cedar River for travelers and a natural location for settlement. The first settlers in Cedar Rapids arrived in the 1830s and soon homes and businesses began to be developed on both sides of the Cedar River. In 1849, the City of Cedar Rapids was incorporated on the east side of the river.

Both communities continued to grow separately for nearly twenty years. In the 1860s, interest grew in merging the two communities, and on April 22, 1870 the town of Kingston was officially annexed into Cedar Rapids and was referred to as “West Cedar Rapids.” As Cedar Rapids continued to grow, the former location of Kingston became the west side of downtown Cedar Rapids. The expanding business district included the People’s Savings Bank, designed by renowned architect Louis Sullivan and constructed in 1911. The bank anchors the Third Avenue SW Historic District, which consists of several commercial structures erected in the early 20th century.

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