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Also known as the backhoe capital of the world, Burlington, Iowa is located in Des Moines County and has a population of about 27,000 people, according to the 2010 census. Burlington sits in the middle of a metropolitan area with the surrounding areas being West Burlington, Iowa; Middle Town, Iowa; Gulf Port, Illinois. Burlington is home to one of the world’s most crooked alley – Snake Alley.

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Burlington History

Prior to the American settlement, the area was neutral territory for the Sac and Fox Indians, who called it “Shoquoquon” (Shok-ko-kon), meaning Flint Hills. In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson organized two parties of explorers to map the Louisiana Purchase. Lewis and Clark followed the Missouri River, while Lt. Zebulon Pike followed the Mississippi River. In 1805, Pike landed at the bluffs below Burlington and raised the United States Flag for the first time on Iowa soil. In 1833, William R. Ross crossed the Mississippi River and established a General Store. In November and December, he surveyed the land for Samuel White and David Tothero and they allowed the purchaser of the first lot, John Gray, to rechristen the town. For $50, Gray named it after his hometown in Burlington, Vermont.

Burlington Community

Burlington is a rapidly growing city in many different areas. The downtown area is full of shops and places to eat as well as historical homes lining the downtown streets. Burlington is home to the famous NFL quarterback Kurt Warner who won two NFL MVP (Most Valuable Player) awards. On summer nights you will hear your city’s pride for their semi-pro baseball team, the Burlington Bees, straight from your home’s backyard. Burlington is also home to Iowa’s oldest newspaper, The Hawk Eye. Lastly, the first backhoes rolled off the assembly line at the Burlington Backhoe plant in 1967, which is now the only plant in the United States that produces the Case Loader/Backhoe, giving Burlington the nickname “Backhoe Capital of the World”.

Attractions and Entertainment

Burlington has many different attractions and events constantly going all year around. One of Burlington’s biggest attractions is Snake Alley, the world’s most crooked alley, which has even been confirmed by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Another attraction is Crapo Park which spreads along the mighty Mississippi River. Crapo Park is 85 acres of everything a park should hold, including an arboretum and botanical garden. It is also rumored to be where the American flag was placed on Iowa soil for the first time. Burlington’s most popular festival is Oktoberfest which happens along the Mississippi River. Another event Burlington is famous for is their Annual Steamboat Days American Music Festival, a June Music festival held on the Burlington riverfront.


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