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Spanning two states and five cities with a total population of over 400,000 people, the Quad Cities area has something for everyone.

The Quad Cities are one of Iowa and Illinois’ largest Metropolitan areas. The area has been voted both a Top 10 Place for Millenials to Live and the #3 Best Affordable Place to Live according to U.S. News & World Report. Although there is a total population of nearly 400,000 people in the greater Quad City area, don’t be fooled by this seemingly large number. The area is not only affordable, but laid-back, welcoming, and will always feel like home.

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A Cultural Hub for Arts, Music & More: About The Quad Cities

The Quad Cities have such a quirky and genuine charm that it’s truly hard to beat finding anywhere else that makes you feel this comfortable. Welcoming, ambitious, and fondly known as the “Connection to the World,” the Quad Cities check all the boxes for quality of life when looking for a new place to put down your roots.

Approximately halfway between Chicago and Des Moines, the Quad Cities are some of the best that the Midwest has to offer. It boasts a supportive community, tons of employment opportunities, education, housing options, and a variety of nightlife options and outdoor recreation activities.

The Quad Cities Community

The Quad Cities is home to award-winning schools and universities, including the world’s founding chiropractic college. The region has a nationally recognized K-12 education system with diverse program offerings, access to highly-regarded postsecondary institutions, and an average of 40% of the metro population holds a post-secondary degree. With 40 higher education institutions within a 90-mile radius, it’s no surprise that it sees at least 40,000 graduates per year and is #1 in the nation for high graduation rates.

The cost of living is 16% below the national average (Forbes 2020) and is the third more diversified metro economy in the U.S. What it all comes down to is this—moving to a new city can be challenging—but it all depends on the people. No matter where you live in the Quad Cities region, you will be accepted, welcomed, and extended a network to help you get involved in the community. This place inspires new residents to explore more, dig their heels in, and enjoy lucrative career opportunities with a low cost of living.

There are plenty of things for families and young professionals to keep them busy, particularly when it comes to outdoor activities (as that’s a huge hobby out here), with the Mighty Mississippi providing a breathtaking backdrop to it all. Sold yet? View homes in the Quad Cities region and let us know what you think about the pricing, we think you’ll like it. Don’t forget to check out homes for sale in the Quad Cities, IL, too.

Things to Do Throughout the Quad Cities

People love living here, there’s no doubt about it. Free concerts light up the night, outdoor-focused events get people excited to embrace a healthier mindset, and the architecture of the city itself is seamlessly integrated into the infrastructure so beautifully that it is special to the Quad Cities and the Quad Cities alone.

During the warmer months, catch a River Bandits game at iconic Modern Woodman Field or take a stroll down one of the many beautiful river walks. The Quad Cities boasts over 100 miles of hiking/biking trails along the river and through verdant nature reserves. In the later part of the year, residents can hit the slopes at SnowStar Ski Park or stop by the TaxSlayer Center for a minor league hockey game.

From theaters, ballets, and symphony orchestras to art exhibitions, science fairs, minor league sports, and museums, not to mention all the live music, bars, community events, and more, the Quad Cities are truly some of the best places to live nationwide. Whether you enjoy city life or a quieter country setting, there is something for you here.

Working in the Quad Cities

The Quad Cities region has a growing workforce that’s 580,000 strong and counting. Half of the workforce-age residents (15-64 years old) in the Quad Cities region are Gen Z and Millennials. With an average commute time of just 16 minutes, it’s no surprise the Quad Cities area consistently makes the “Best of” and “Best Places to Live” lists. In fact, it’s ranked as #29 of America’s Best Small Cities.

Various incentives and funding types are available for businesses in the Quad Cities region, too. With bi-state jurisdiction (Illinois and Iowa), there are more programs and opportunities accessible for qualifying companies, and the region itself is even working to become 100% powered by renewable energy.

The Quad Cities region is home to Fortune 500 companies like John Deere plus 150 others on Fortune’s 500 and 1000 lists including the Rock Island Arsenal, a major military installation. The region has experienced a 5.2% increase in economic strength over the past five years, including $1.5 billion in total capital investment, plus the creation of 4,500 new jobs (with no signs of slowing down any time soon).

Explore Homes in the Quad Cities Area

The Quad Cities region spans two states, so don’t forget to check out homes for sale in the Quad Cities, IL, and homes for sales in the Quad Cities, IA. Ruhl&Ruhl offers plenty of homes on either side of the Mississippi for you to choose from and can help you find the perfect one to suit your needs.

If you’d like to do a little more research before buying, check out the pages below for additional housing options:

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If you’re looking for new career opportunities in the Iowa area, we’re always looking for folks to join our Ruhl&Ruhl team. Check out our careers page for more information.

The Quad Cities History

In 1832, General Winfield Scott and Sauk Chief, Keokuk, signed a treaty in Davenport that effectively ended the Black Hawk War. More and more settlers arrived in what would become the Quad Cities because of the reliability and efficiency of the riverboat. As the Industrial Revolution exploded on the East Coast, many wealthy developers saw the Quad Cities as a viable option to put factories because of the raging Mississippi. In 1848, John Deere moved his operations to Moline, which later would be the main economic driving force. To cater to the westward expansion, the Rock Island Railroad company built the first bridge over the Mississippi in 1856.

The Quad Cities Community

The Quad Cities is also a cultural hub for arts, music, and more. Located in downtown Davenport, the Figge Art Museum is an architectural gem that features exhibits from all over the world. The River Music Experience is a fun way to spend the weekend while supporting local talent. For the kids, try visiting the Bettendorf Family Museum where you can play and learn together.

Locals are extremely proud of their food and drink traditions. The “Quad City Pizza” has gained national recognition for using local ingredients in a unique way. Cool off with one of Whitey’s Ice Cream’s famous malts or hand-dipped cones.

Attractions and Entertainment

The Quad City Marathon, Bix 7 Road Race, and the John Deere Classic attract thousands of people to the area each year. Each one is family friendly and truly showcases the Quad City hospitality.

The Quad Cities is also home to John Deere Headquarters and the Rock Island Arsenal, both keystones in global manufacturing. Deere has been an industry leader in farming and agricultural equipment for over 100 years. The Arsenal was the Army’s first headquarters established in 1816, and it continues to be a leader in weapons manufacturing.  

Thousands of people come to the Quad Cities every year for some of the best festivals and events in the Midwest. There is something to do every weekend.

The Quad Cities is a great place to start a family or settle down for retirement. The communities take great pride in their “small” big city and everything it has to offer, and hope you will too!

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