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Galena, Illinois is a city rich in architectural beauty and history. A history so intact still today that Galena is often referred to as the town that time forgot. Today, tourists and locals celebrate the town’s history with art, outdoor adventures, and family-friendly events. Galena, IL is the perfect place to buy a home, start a family, and grow within a community.

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Galena, Illinois has become somewhat of a staycation destination, offering a plethora of entertainment, making it an enjoyable destination and a short escape for the neighboring Midwest tourists.

Galena History

A visit to Galena is truly like stepping back in time. Fully eighty-five percent of Galena’s buildings are in a National Register Historic District.

Even the scenic beauty of the surrounding hills and valleys is a testament to being untouched by time. The Glaciers that flattened most of North America during the ice age did not encroach on Northwestern Illinois and the immediate areas to the north and west.

Consequently, the hills, valleys, and bluffs in this Mississippi River Valley area remain intact making it one of the most scenic areas in the Midwest. Also intact were the rich lead deposits that were first mined by the Sac and Fox Indians.
In the late 1600s the French established trading posts in the area. By the early 1800s the Upper Mississippi Lead Mine District was established by the U.S. Congress, which paved the way for what would become the industry that gave birth to the City of Galena.

Galena Community

The City of Galena is located in the unglaciated area of Northwest Illinois. Our rolling hills, history, 19th-century architecture and opportunities for year-round outdoor recreation attract nearly a million visitors a year. Galena is a safe, healthy and vibrant place to raise a family, start a business or enjoy retirement.

Attractions and Entertainment

There are a wide variety of things to do and see in Galena! Stroll along Galena’s Main Street and shop the art galleries, antique stores and eclectic boutique shops. The city also offers many dining options, as well as spirits and wine shops that hold wine tastings.

Discover Galena’s countryside, quiet waterways and scenic vistas with a relaxing hike or kayak excursion. In the winter, there is Chestnut Mountain Resort where skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts gather. In the summer the resort offers Segway tours, Mississippi River Cruises and the Alpine Slide.

Galena also offers ghost tours, historical, scenic tours and trolley rides throughout the Galena territories. In addition to all of these exciting activities, Galena has many Bed & Breakfasts, vacation rentals and spas. Residents of Galena are also blessed with plenty of places to walk, bike, hike, play golf, fish, boat, swim, and camp.
It really is an amazingly unique place to live.

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