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The Southwest Wisconsin Area is famous for its many hills, valleys and unspoiled natural beauty. Located just outside of the Dubuque Area, it is also home to Wisconsin’s greatest collection of natural, educational, ethnic and historical tourist attractions.

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Most of the attractions in this area lie along the Great River Road, Wisconsin’s only national scenic byway. Established in 1938, the entire trail extends 3,000 miles along the Mississippi River through 10 states. Locally, the road is part of Highway 35 on the Minnesota border and weaves 250 miles from Prescott to Potosi.

One of the highlights includes the Great River Trail, a 24-mile trail that passes through prairies and backwaters of the upper Mississippi River valley. Built on an abandoned Chicago-Northwestern railroad line, the trail has a finely crushed limestone surface suitable for walking and bicycling. This trail also connects to many other trail systems in the state.

Not only does the beautiful scenery and outdoors lifestyle make buying a home in Southwest Wisconsin appealing, but it is the perfect place to call home and start a family. With that, you will need the perfect home near the most perfect school! Find homes for sale in the Southwestern Wisconsin School District.

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Southwest Wisconsin History

Settlement in the Southwest Wisconsin Area started growing when a series of treaties between 1804 and 1832 gradually ceded all Native American lands south of the Wisconsin River to the U.S. This coincided with a strong demand for lead, which was widely used in the manufacturing of pewter, pipes, weights, paint, and of course, ammunition for the firearms of an expanding U.S. military.

Many of the first miners came to Wisconsin from Missouri, which had experienced a similar lead boom a few years earlier. Communities sprang up quickly around the mines, as other industries and businesses were founded to serve the growing population.

Wisconsin lead mining peaked in the 1840s. Although the state’s mines then yielded more than half of the national output, demand for lead from Wisconsin was beginning to decline. Miners had exhausted the supply of easily obtainable ore, which made mining more expensive and less appealing to investors hoping to make money quickly. In 1849, the discovery of gold in California caused many of the region’s residents to head west.

For those who remained, mining became a part-time supplement to farming. Some men began to mine for zinc, and for a few years in the late nineteenth century, Mineral Point had the largest zinc smelting facility in the world. With mining restricted to only the most profitable localities by 1850, more than 90 percent of the land was free for farming. By 1860, the former lead mining region of southwestern Wisconsin had become recognized as one of the best agricultural areas in the state.

Southwest Wisconsin Community

The cities and communities that make up Southwest Wisconsin offer visitors and residents alike great restaurants, charming shops, locally owned wineries and breweries, and comfortable lodging in a restful and rural atmosphere. There are various parks, hiking trails, watersports, and just about every outdoor activity you can imagine in this scenic region.

Attractions and Entertainment

Southwest Wisconsin Area Bed and Breakfasts: No matter what type of activity you’re looking for, you will have a comfortable and inviting place to stay in Southwest Wisconsin. Check out the day trips available from the local Bed and Breakfasts here.

Southwest Wisconsin Uplands: The Uplands refers to a section of South Central Wisconsin that the glaciers of many years ago left untouched. This means that this region, also known as the Driftless Area, was left with many hills, valleys and plains that have unspoiled natural beauty. The Uplands offers the visitor great restaurants, charming shops, comfortable lodging, fascinating museums and more in a restful rural atmosphere.

Potosi Brewery: People in Potosi know a little something about fine beer. Potosi is where beer is an art form and the craft is celebrated at the National Brewery Museum. What makes this beer special is the local brewers who produce it in a small batch with the finest ingredients.

Flyaway Film Festival: Flyway Film Festival’s mission is to bring the best in independent film to the Lake Pepin area of Wisconsin and Minnesota for the purposes of cultural enrichment, community-building, arts education, and to inspire the next generation of filmmakers. The Flyway Film Festival seeks films that open our eyes to new ways of seeing the world. These include films by directors with varied backgrounds and surprising viewpoints, films with strong and engaging storylines, films that present us with enlightening, hopeful perceptions of our fellow human beings, and more.

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