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Located in the rolling hills in the heart of America’s dairy land, many of the residents of Dickeyville commute to work. Dickeyville is a small, friendly town, considered by some as “a bedroom community” as there are not any large scale industrial, manufacturing or shopping facilities located here. Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors has plenty of homes for sale in Dickeyville, Wisconsin for you to choose from. Continue browsing this page to see all houses for sale and real estate options.

Dickeyville is located in Southwest Wisconsin. View homes for sale in Southwest Wisconsin for more real estate options.

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The population is about 1,100 people and the ancestry of the village is predominately German. Steeped in rich traditions this is a community of people with good, small-town values, people who have a strong, rural work ethic, and people who genuinely care about their neighbors and their community.


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Dickeyville History

The settlement of Dickeysville was named in 1849 after Charles Dickey, an early settler and surveyor.  Born in New Jersey September 24, 1812 he lived in Illinois prior to coming to Grant County, Wisconsin. Charles and his wife, Louisa, operated the first store at the intersection of Highway 61/35 and North Main Street (old Highway 151) in the middle of town (currently a supper club). The dry goods store also sold groceries, boots, shoes, clothing and farm machinery. He owned the store for nineteen years and during that time he was an assistant surveyor for Grant County. The family moved to the state of Kansas in 1874. At the age of 90, Charles Dickey died in Phillipsburg, Kansas and is buried there.

In 1884, the village contained one hotel, one store, one saloon, two churches (Catholic and Union), two public schools and German Select, one shoe shop, two carpenter shops, one blacksmith and wheel shop. In 1913 a second ballroom dance hall was built, the first dance hall was moved and turned into a barn which was razed in 1982.  Twilight Ballroom was converted in 1961 to four apartments. A creamery was built in 1915, converted to a cheese factory in 1918. The factory closed in 1976. Part of it was torn down and the balance of the building now houses a beauty and tanning bed shop and three apartments.

The Grotto is dedicated to the unity of two great American ideals – love of God and love of country.  Rev. Matthias Wernerus erected the Crucifixion Group in 1920 as a monument for the three young men of the Holy Ghost parish who had given their lives in World War I. In 1925, the principle shrine or grotto, containing a statue of the Virgin Mary (25 feet high, 30 feet wide and 25 feet deep) was started. Surrounding the statue are symbols of Faith, Hope and Charity, the Missal, the stole and chalice, the Keys of the Kingdom, the Cross with the implements of the Passion two tables of the Ten Commandments and the two fishes and basket of five loaves. The entire inner wall is adorned with thousands of colored stones, gems, and jewels, forming a religious shrine.

Beyond the principal grotto, is a wall with 15 other small grottos, and back of this is another shrine known as “Patriotism in Stone” dedicated to Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Millions of stones, souvenirs, shells and other iridescent pieces have been set in cement by the patient hands of the late Rev. Matthias Wernerus. The village was incorporated in 1947. In 1951, the village population was 275. In 1968, the first bank opened with a second one following in 2001.

Dickeyville Community

The Dickeyville Grotto & Shrines, open year round, is a large tourist attraction that is listed on national register. Also with close proximity to Dubuque, IA and Plateville, WI there’s a plethora of culture and activities in these larger neighboring cities that are only a short drive away!

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