Pricing Your Home to Sell

Not only does pricing your home right impact your sale price, but it also can dictate how quickly your home sells and if you have a good or bad real estate experience. Luckily, your Ruhl&Ruhl Realtor will be there to help guide and advise you during this process.

Our mission is to get you where you need to go on time. Your selling timeline will determine how your home should be priced in the market relative to other active inventory.

The best possible chance you have to sell your home is within the first three weeks of it being on the market. When you price it at fair market value from the beginning, it will attract the highest number of interested and qualified buyers.

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Ruhl&Ruhl Gets Your Home in the Flow

What your home is priced at from the start may indicate how quickly it will sell. Of homes that go on the market, half of them sell in a month, with a majority of those selling in the first two weeks.

Think of the housing market like a pond. There are always new properties flowing into the pond and out when they sell. Your goal is to stay in the pond’s flow (toward the top), so you move in and out as quickly as possible. To do this, you need to make sure the price is right, that you market your home correctly and that you prepare your home for showings.

Many Views Leads to Offers. When buyers are considering homes, they often look within a price range suitable to them. If your home is listed at more than 10% above its fair market value, the number of potential buyers decreases quickly because they will look at or below their price range.

Fair Market Value. Pricing your home at fair market value will attract potential buyers. The longer a home remains on the market, the more likely its perceived value decreases and the more likely the home will sell at a lower price.

We share your home-selling goals and will equip you with useful knowledge and tools to price your home so you can move forward.

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