To maximize our marketing, we conduct research into where the buyers are looking for homes. This information also helps us sell your house and net you the most possible money at closing.

The Mighty Internet

Without a doubt, the Internet is an indispensable tool for connecting your home with buyers. Nearly half of all buyers start their search on the Internet, and that can remind you about a few selling tips. Consider how well the home is presented, both its exterior and interior conditions, and how information about your home for sale can be shared across sites.

Word can spread quickly when your home is shared on social media. The Internet’s reach is staggering, and most buyers begin their search by using mobile apps that show property information and photos.

Incomparable Ruhl&Ruhl Agents

While the Internet has many perks, it cannot talk to or listen to buyers, and it cannot purposefully redirect where the information goes. We will get the Internet to work for you far more dynamically.
We utilize the online environment for effective advertising that connects people to their next homes. is the region’s most visited local site.

Even without the Internet, we have a valuable network of buyers looking for sellers (and vice versa). This network is not available by any other means except through our Ruhl&Ruhl agents, and they are at your service.

Your Home’s Physical Impact

When we place a Ruhl&Ruhl sign in front of your home, and when we plan your first open house, your surrounding community and passers-by will take special notice. Those nearest your home may be ready to buy or may know of someone who is ready. And, along with online updates, local print sources alert potential buyers that your home is for sale and that there is an upcoming open house.

While these methods do not attract as many actual buyers as working with an agent do, they do create a serendipitous chance that the right buyer will make an offer.

The Power of Family and Friends

Chances are strong that you will tell your friends and family that you’re moving but we won’t stop there. Together we will be active. Encourage your friends and family to share the Ruhl&Ruhl online postings of your home and to tell their friends and co-workers about it. When selling a home, the more people who know about it, the more likely it will attract buyers.

Getting the word out about your home for sale takes both word-of-mouth and online approaches, and together we will harmonize these efforts.

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