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Sell Now or Wait Until Spring?

by Nikki Lindholm

The Million-Dollar Question

Should you sell your home now, or wait until spring? That’s the million-dollar question many homeowners find themselves asking when determining when to list their home. Some homeowners fear that listing their home in the fall or winter means that their house will sit, or that there won’t be enough activity to generate a solid offer. But rest assured, there are still plenty of serious buyers!

However, in areas that have experienced lower than usual inventory in the busier spring and summer months, there are still buyers out there in the “off-season” wanting to take advantage of record low-interest rates and find a home. Matt Schwind, managing broker of the Ruhl&Ruhl Bettendorf office shares, “There is very rarely a bad time to sell a home. I suppose you would expect a Realtor to say that, but honestly, in my three decades of experience, the market has only softened once during the mortgage crisis and the rest of those 30 years, homes in the Quad Cities have gone up in value at a modest 2-6% per year.”

In reality, each selling season has its own set of pros and cons, but here are several reasons why fall and winter are a great time to sell your home!

Buyers Are Still Out There

Serious buyers who are looking to capitalize on lower interest rates, but were not able to get under contract in the spring and summer, will most likely continue their search as the weather turns. When most potential buyers pause their search efforts because of school obligations and the busy holiday season, determined buyers are ready to jump on a home that meets their needs no matter what time of year.  “We are experiencing the lowest interest rates in over 40 years which means that even if you end up buying in a seller’s market – your affordability factor is very high when you buy with a mortgage. Even with a higher sale price, a lower interest mortgage makes the monthly cost more affordable than the same house if the interest rates were to rise,” adds Schwind.

Plus – Life happens, which means for some buyers there is no “best” time to buy or sell a home when a new life event occurs!

Less Competition 

When you sell your home in the fall and winter, your home can really shine! In the spring and summer months, your home, no matter its condition and charm, has stiff competition to stand out amongst the new listings that hit the market each day. With fewer homes being listed in the winter months and demand from potential buyers still high, your home can get the attention it deserves.

Market trends have a big influence on both sellers and buyers. And while there is no real estate crystal ball (wouldn’t it be great if there was?!) the best thing to do is talk to your real estate agent because no one knows housing market trends and statistics better than your Realtor®.  If you are not already working with an agent, you can find over 300 local, neighborhood experts at Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors! Visit to view our agent roster and office locations

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