McClellan Heights
Davenport, Iowa

McClellan Heights

What is now McClellan Heights was once an old military training camp in the mid 19th century, known as Fort McClellan. The area was used by Iowa Civil War regiments to train and travel, due to its hilly terrain and close proximity to the Mississippi River. But when the war ended and troops headed home, Fort McClellan sat untouched until the turn of the century. Located on the eastern edge of Davenport, between the Village of East Davenport and the west city line of Bettendorf, McClellan Heights started to garner attention from local entrepreneurs looking to develop the area for residential homes. McClellan Heights is different from other early residential developments in Davenport, in that the many hills and deep ravines found throughout the district were used to map out roads and lot lines. And that’s why when you visit McClellan Heights today you many notice winding roads and enchanting landscapes. Some homes reside high on a hill, while some backup to wooded ravines, and this is what residents appreciate about living in McClellan Heights. The goal, which was perfectly executed, was to have residents feel as if they were living within a park setting, opposed to living near a park. This is reflected in the chose street names like Forest, Wood Lane and Hillcrest to name a few. The main road that travels through the district is McClellan Heights Boulevard and during the summer months gets an extra amount of foot traffic during The Bix 7.

McClellan Heights includes approximately 400 unique, one-of-a-kind homes, some built as early as 1905. John Ruhl was largely responsible for marketing the area and selling many of McClellan Heights’s early properties.  To this day, members of the Ruhl family still live in McClellan Heights including Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS CEO Caroline Ruhl, who is living in her fourth home in the historic district. It’s clear to see why families remain in the neighborhood, its unrivaled beauty and old Davenport history are hard to come by in other neighborhoods. In 1984, McClellan Heights was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which only adds to its reputation.



McClellan Heights


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McClellan Heights
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