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Knoxville, Illinois is an ideal place to call home if you like small-town living with quick access to larger city amenities. Like many towns around it, Knoxville has a detailed history dating back to 1831. Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors has plenty of homes for sale in Knoxville, Illinois for you to choose from. Continue browsing this page to see all houses for sale and real estate options.

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Many historic buildings from the 1840s are on the same block as new construction and businesses. This shows the town’s dedication to commemorating and celebrating its history while building an exciting future.

Instead of focusing on industry, the town turned its vision toward creating a vibrant and successful residential community.  Today, the town has realized this vision as a premier place to call home and raise a family. From its homes for sale in the Knoxville Community Unit School District to the beautiful communities, Knoxville IA is the perfect place to buy a home. 

Read more about Knoxville’s history, current real estate market and its attractions and amenities.   

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Knoxville History

Knoxville, first called Henderson, was established on January 15, 1831.  At over 175 years old, it is the oldest town in Knox County and one of the ten oldest towns in Illinois.  

There are many homes and buildings built in the 1840s that are now on the National Historic Register. Among them include the first water pump house, which was built in 1897 and is still in operation. Another is the John G. Sanburn Log Cabin, famous for its namesake. John G. Sanburn founded the town’s first shop, which was also the post office. He also served as the first county clerk, circuit clerk, probate judge, shopkeeper and postmaster.  

Many of the town’s attractions bring you back in time including the Old Knox County Jail, the Old Courthouse, Walnut Grove Farm and the Wolf Covered Bridge.

Knoxville Community

Knoxville Public Library: Here residents can explore the history of the town through old photographs. The library hosts a variety of activities and events and even has a “little sharing library” outside where residents can drop off or pick up a book to enjoy.

Knoxville County Scenic Drive: Explore the history of Knoxville and neighboring towns through a scenic drive designed to bring visitors through eight unique locations. They include the center of Knoxville, the Knox County Fairgrounds, Walnut Grove Farm, Elmwood, Maquon, Orange Chapel, the Wolf Covered Bridge and Dahinda, Illinois. It is around a two hour, self-guided tour with activities and points of interest for the whole family.

James Knox Park: Close to Newman School, this park was named after James Knox who was a prominent leader in Knoxville during the mid-1800s. The park was established in 1963 and is home to several city-wide events each year.

Attractions and Entertainment

Old Knox County Jail: The Old Knox County Jail was the first jail established in Knox County, and was first build in the early 1830s. However, after many jailbreaks, including a few fires, a new jail was built in 1845. It was officially closed in 1873 and then used as a private residence. Today, you can tour the jail and see the layout and structure it had in the 1870s.

John G. Sanburn Log Cabin: John Sanburn settled in Knoxville, started his first store and held several first positions for the town including the first county clerk, postmaster and probate judge. His home is the only surviving relic of Knoxville’s log cabin era. The cabin was discovered as the structure built around it was being demolished. A “nosey neighbor” saw the logs and was able to stop its destruction. It has since been restored and relocated, and you can visit it today.

Newman School: This school was built in 1876, has since been restored and is currently maintained by the Knox County Retired Teachers Association. Visitors tour the school, which has authentic furnishing, including dinner pails, inkwells and lesson books.

Knox County Museum: Opened in 2009, the Knox County Museum contains many historical artifacts to explore. They include military items, pictures books, artifacts of the town’s history like the Lincoln buggy, pottery and inventions like the Brown Corn-Planter and The Shrinking Tool.

Walnut Grove Farm:  This farm operates both as a venue for weddings and events and as a bed and breakfast. It was established in 1835 by the Charles family and it grew into a cattle farming empire. The actual barn was constructed in 1865. Today, it has been restored and stands as a reminder of the history of prairie life.

Knox County Fairground: This 53-acre fairground was established in 1851.  In addition to hosting the annual fair and scenic drive, the fairground hosts a Farmer’s Market, runs Kiddie Train Rides and displays antiques and collectibles.

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