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Exploring the communities of Kalona, Wellman and Riverside will take you on a trip through time. When you visit the historic village of Kalona, you’ll be transported back into the 1800s. Traveling to Riverside transports you to the year 2233, as it is the birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk from Startrek.

All three towns sit along Route 22, which runs parallel to Interstate 80. Wellman, Iowa is the farthest west, Riverside is the furthest east, and Kalona sits in between.

No matter which of these small towns you call home, there is a deep sense of community that leads to a high quality of life. Each city is within commuting distance to Iowa City, but still far enough away to escape the “big city feel.”

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Kalona, Wellman and Riverside History

The development and growth of these towns is linked to the building and operation of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway, which ran through or by all three towns.

Kalona’s first settlers, who were Amish, arrived in the 1840s. The split in the Amish community, which happened in the 1880s in Iowa, resulted in the assimilation of most of the local Amish. The town was officially founded by the railroad in 1879 and was officially incorporated in 1890. It was named after the owner’s bull.

In 1879, Joseph Edward Wellman provided 40 acres of his land for railroad construction. In 1885, the city was officially incorporated and named after Wellman. Future railroads redirected trade south of Wellman but the community held on and is thriving today.

The railroad went right through Riverside, Iowa making it a great location for a new settlement.  In 1882, the town was incorporated. However, Riverside’s claim to fame hasn’t even happened yet, because it is in 2233 as the future birthplace of James T. Kirk.

Kalona, Wellman and Riverside Community

Historic Village of Kalona:  Established in 1969, this village includes several historic buildings that visitors can explore. The first building was the town’s old train depot. Later, they added a welcome center, log house, school house and a museum where you can explore the gem collection or quilt gallery.

Wellman Community Park: Enjoy many activities at this park, including tennis, golf, hiking, baseball and more.  Catch a concert at the bandstand or just walk on one of the trails.

Wellman Golf Course: One of only two sand green courses in the state, Wellman Golf is a privately-owned nine-hole course. They have an honor system for out-of-town guests who can deposit their greens fee in a lockbox outside of the club house.

Attractions and Entertainment

Kalona Creamery: Experience the tried and true flavors of this regional creamery. From homemade ice cream to cheese curds, this creamery has it all!

Voyage Home Riverside Center:  Also known as the Star Trek Museum, this center is one of the first things you see when you enter Riverside. You won’t be able to miss the Starship Enterprise that sits outside the entrance. Inside, the museum offers everything from interesting exhibits to a themed bathroom.

Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk: After visiting the center, you can drive into town to find the monument that marks the ship captain’s birthplace in 2233.

Riverside Casino & Golf Resort:  Live it up at the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort.  Enjoy exciting gaming or hit the links of the well-regarded course. Whatever activities you decide to explore, you will have a first-class experience.

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