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The Galena Territory is a semi-private, residential, recreational and resort community located in the northwest corner of Jo Daviess County, Illinois. The population is known to be around 1,600 consisting of close to 500 permanent residents and a little over 1,000 vacation residents. They enjoy acres of beautiful wooded trails perfect for hiking, cross-country skiing or just a nice afternoon walk.  They also have access to amenities like the local lake and parks.

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Galena Territory History

Galena Territory was established in 1975 by The Branigar Organization, Inc. and Project Director, Les Harbor. Acquiring the large tract of land for the Galena Territory was no easy task.
It was made up of many farms of various sizes owned by many different people. Some of these people were anxious to sell, some open to persuasion, some not interested and some openly opposed to the whole idea.

The task then was to see if enough land can be acquired to make the project work. The acquisition began in 1970. For such a large and long-lasting project, it was decided an officer of the company was needed on hand at all times, and so in August of 1971 Les and Norene Harbor with their children, moved to Galena.

The ultimate amount of land acquired was 8,500 acres in two parcels, separated by a small tract of land. The final decision was made to use the west 6,500 acres to develop the project and the 2,000-acre “east tract” sold off in large parcels (mainly 220 acres, etc. with a few exceptions) and was never part of The Territory.

The 6,500 acres became the present 6,800 acres when a 300-acre farm adjacent to the Territory was acquired in 1975.

Galena Territory Community

The community consists of a private 6,800-acre development located several miles southeast of downtown Galena. The territory, which is managed by a homeowners association, has set aside 1,500 acres of protected recreational land.

The remainder is filled with low-density residential development and the Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa.

The Galena Territory boasts spectacular vistas, valleys, prairies, and woodlands, as well as home to rare plants and bird species found nowhere else in Illinois.

Attractions and Entertainment

Galena Territory offers a variety of recreational opportunities for active lifestyles that suit every age group, every season of the year.
Seasonal outdoor activities include horseback riding, fishing, boating, golf, hiking, biking, tennis, jogging, swimming, sand volleyball, bocce ball, horseshoe pitching, and hot air ballooning.
Winter sports include cross-country skiing, ice fishing, sledding, ice skating, and sleigh rides, with downhill skiing and snowboarding just minutes away.
Year-round indoor recreational activities include indoor pools, fitness centers, gymnasium, game rooms, video arcades and the Stonedrift Spa at Eagle Ridge Resort.

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