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The Village of Erie, Illinois is a small town consisting of around 1,600 people. Erie is a close-knit Village where residents are involved in everything from the annual fundraiser for the fire station to the governance of the town. Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors has plenty of homes for sale in Erie, Illinois for you to choose from. Continue browsing this page to see all houses for sale and real estate options.

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The Village has its own school district, public library and even a town “triangle,” their version of a town square, all of which you can explore on your golf cart! Residents are able to drive their golf carts around on the town streets.

The village was founded in 1850 and the first home was built by Orville Brooks. The original town “triangle” was three Native American foot-paths, which turned into a stage and wagon road before it became the center of the village.

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Erie History

Erie was founded in 1850.  The first church was organized in 1854 and a year later, the first sawmill was built. In 1869, the village received railroad service and around 6 year later, the first newspaper, the Erie Independent, was established.

In 1896, the first high school was built, and the Village “Square” was paved in 1925,  You can learn more about the history of Erie here.

Attractions and Entertainment

PJ’s: A family-friendly restaurant, PJ’s is one of many places to eat in town. They feature all-American food, including burgers, steak sandwiches and corn dogs.

Legends:  A local sports bar and grill, Legends serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee.  

Shaheen’s Village Market: Located on Main Street in Erie, Shaheen’s offers a variety of food and meal planning for local families.

Erie Public Library: This library has served the local community for over 50 years. Located off of the town “triangle,” the library provides not only books but also nice facilities including a child’s area.

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