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An ever-growing oasis just south of the Illinois and Wisconsin border.

East Dubuque is located along the Mississippi River in Jo Daviess County directly across from Dubuque, Iowa. Bursting with potential, a thriving economy, and sitting right on the waterfront, this active river community is full of history and fondly known as the “Sin City” of Illinois (just ask Al Capone).

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French Explorers, Ferryboat Kings, and Railroad Tycoons: About East Dubuque, IL

When most people think of East Dubuque, IL, they envision the Downtown “Strip” lined with nightclubs and neighborhood bars. However, the city’s true character lies in the old residential neighborhoods. East Dubuque offers charming scenery and beautiful views that far surpass its whisky stills in the hills, speakeasies, and days of old.

Check out Gramercy Park (East Dubuque’s answer to Dubuque’s Eagle Point Park) while you take in the majesty of the area (and the Mississippi). The main roads in East Dubuque are US Highway 20 (Wall Street) and Sinsinawa Avenue with the Julien Dubuque Bridge serving as the connection to Dubuque, IA.

The Community in East Dubuque, IL

East Dubuque was named by the US Weekend and World Report as the 220th best school in the State of Illinois (Go, Warriors!). The community is quite proud of its dedication to educating the youth of East Dubuque and supports a family-friendly environment with lots to do on the weekends and weeknights. View homes for sale in East Dubuque Unified School District and learn more about this family-friendly community.

Beautiful Julien Dubuque Bride at night after sunset. City lights and the river

For those who aren’t building families at the moment, picnics, hikes, saloons, and dancing galore will keep young professionals entertained. Other surrounding areas that share this community kind of feel include Dyersville, and if you’re looking to set down roots in a place where everyone knows your name, then Bellevue is the place for you, both of which are just a few short miles away.

Things to Do in East Dubuque

Whether you’re looking for a burger or fine dining for date night, East Dubuque offers many opportunities to eat and entertain yourself or the entire family. Home to two golf courses (Lacoma and Birchwood), three marinas (Frentress, Mid Town, and Millennium Bar & Marina), as well as surrounding high bluffs to explore, East Dubuque is the perfect place to make new friends, enjoy the water, and learn about the unique history of the region.

Some favorite restaurants to check out include Geroge & Dale’s Food and Brew, Timmerman’s Supper Club, The Otherside, and 19th Hole. If you’re a night owl, make sure to stop by Finally “R” Place, Incognito, Mulgrew’s Tavern, or Shorty’s Saloon.

With places to picnic, swim, and play, excellent youth sports programs, two places of worship (St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Wesley United Methodist Church), and Dunelith Park and Gramercy Park, East Dubuque boasts a fascinating history and a variety of ways to experience the city as it’s grown today.

Working in East Dubuque, IL

Just because it’s a smaller marine community doesn’t mean there’s not a slew of opportunities to find your dream job. Like Dubuque, IA, just across the bridge, East Dubuque is a welcoming community for suburban living, families, and young professionals and hosts a robust mechanical, logistics, electrical, and contracting sector as well as retail, tourism, and financial services.

While some folks make the commute over the bridge for Eagle Point Software Corporation, Big River Networx, and Molo Companies, others can choose opportunities in the city like Top Block & Brick, J&R Supply Inc, Hirschbach, JA&S Mechanical, and more.

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East Dubuque History

East Dubuque was established in 1853. Speakeasies, gambling and whiskey stills make the history of East Dubuque sound like a town right out of a movie. While the rest of the country was following Prohibition, people in East Dubuque continued to produce and sell illegal alcohol with easy access to a key ingredient – corn. Tales of wagon loads of liquor and even baby buggies floating down the river are still told. It is said that the city even had a lantern system established to communicate to the bootleggers in the hills and the people in the town. Al Capone was a frequent visitor and East Dubuque was nicknamed “Sin City”. If you’re relocating to East Dubuque or planning a visit, make sure to ask about the legends.

East Dubuque Community

Today, East Dubuque is a very active river community. Access to three marinas: Frentress, MidTown and Bent Prop make river access easy. Residents enjoy activities such as boating, picnicking on the beach, jet skiing and skiing in the warm summer months. Once winter comes, ice fishing, snowmobiling and even ice golfing become popular.

Attractions and Entertainment

Located on the bluffs is picturesque Gramercy Park. Beautiful in every season, the park provides great views of the river and city. Twenty-six Hopewell Indian Mounds are located here and are considered the best preserved in the state.

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