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Sabula, Iowa is the only island city in the state of Iowa. Located on the Mississippi, the population is just over 500, but it is known for its campgrounds, beach, boat docks and some say the best ice cream in the state of Iowa. Continue browsing this page to see all houses for sale in Sabula, IA and if you need to do a little more research before buying, check out the information on this page.

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Because of its beach, many people travel to Sabula for vacation in the summer, especially people from the city.

Even though it is small, Sabula, Iowa has two churches, its own government, a post office, a community center and a volunteer fire department.

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Sabula History

According to legend, in 1835 Isaac Dorman founded Sabula, Iowa after floating on a log from the Illinois side of the Mississippi River. However, the town wasn’t officially an island until the 1930s when the Army Corps of Engineers flooded the area to create the systems of locks and dams that are currently in place.

From the 1930s on, Sabula, Iowa was known as the “Island City.”  The town’s actual name comes from French origin for sand because of the town’s sand-like soil.

Sabula Community

There are many events that take place at Heritage Canyon, including the popular Dutch Days. Taking place in May, Dutch Days celebrates the importance of Dutch culture in the city of Fulton.  Other events include the Christmas Walk, Beggar’s Night and the Fall Festival.

Attractions and Entertainment

Sabula Rail Bridge:  This bridge carries a single railroad line across the river from Illinois to Iowa. It is technically a swing bridge and was recently repaired after a major accident in 2014.

Island City Harbor:  This harbor can accommodate up to 140 boats, including boats up to 80 feet in length. You can also refill your gas here and stock up on necessary supplies, like ice and food.

Korner Stop Ice Cream Shoppe:  Known by locals as one of the best ice cream shops, you can enjoy malts, milkshakes or just a regular ice cream cone. Visitors and out-of-towners all make it a point to stop and enjoy their sweet treats!

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