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Fulton, Illinois is a community alive with history. A small town with a strong Dutch heritage, Fulton, Illinois has many visitors who come to experience The Windmill and the Cultural Center. Continue browsing this page to see all houses for sale in Fulton, IL and if you need to do a little more research before buying, check out the information on this page.

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Residents love the welcoming, small-town feel of Fulton, Illinois. Additionally, the nightlife, restaurants and strong school system all combine to make it a great place to live and work.

Discover more about Fulton, Illinois, including real estate market trends, the community’s history and more.

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Fulton History

Fulton, Illinois history dates back to 1835 when its founder, John Baker, arrived and settled the town. The city is named after Robert Fulton, the inventor of the steamboat.

A windmill was constructed in the year 2000 to honor the Dutch settlers that originally settled in the area.

Fulton, Illinois is the birthplace of many famous people including scientist John R. Huizenga who contributed to the Manhattan Project; Ronald Reagan’s mother and father; and Paul Rhymer, the creator, and writer of the Vic and Sade radio show.

Fulton, Illinois was also an active part of the Underground Railroad efforts, where residents helped hide many former slaves.

Fulton Community

There are many events that take place at Heritage Canyon, see more information in the attractions section, including the popular Dutch Days. Taking place in May, Dutch Days celebrates the importance of Dutch culture in the city of Fulton. Other events include the Christmas Walk and the Fall Festival.  

Bicycle and Walking Trails: There are many parks and recreational opportunities to enjoy in Fulton, Illinois, but perhaps none as exciting as the Great River Trail. This trail joins Fulton, Illinois with many nearby towns, including the Quad Cities, and allows travelers to enjoy the splendor of the Mississippi River.

Attractions and Entertainment

The Windmill:  Called the “De Immigrant,” this fully functional windmill stands nearly 100 feet tall in the center of Fulton, Illinois. It was built in the Netherlands and shipped piece by piece to the United States for assembly by Dutch millwrights. Visitors can experience this authentic windmill for free.

Heritage Canyon: Along this 12-acre wooded walk, visitors are transported back to the 1800s. Up until 1954, the canyon was a limestone quarry. It was shut down because of the dynamite damage to the community and the river.  A general eyesore for Fulton, Illinois for many years, it became privately-owned in 1967 and the couple Harold and Thelma Wierenga turned it into the walking history that it is today.  

They carefully added each building working hard not to disturb the natural surroundings. When they were done, there was a schoolhouse, a doctors office, a log cabin settlement, a blacksmith shop, a church and much more. In 1999, Harold passed and the canyon was given to the city to run and operate. Visitors still walk through the village to this day.

Windmill Cultural Center (WCC):  The center is home to 22 windmill replicas, which range in size, but are up to six feet tall. They are from ten European countries including Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and The Netherlands.  The collection was designed by windmill enthusiasts Henk and June Hielema of DeMotte, Indiana. There is also a lovely gift shop attached to the center.

Andresen Nature Center:  Located next to Heritage Canyon, the nature center displays wildlife and plants from the Mississippi watershed to encourage appreciation of the area’s natural resources.

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