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Plenty to enjoy on your Sunday drive through Danville. Whether you are passing through or visiting, take a drive through the charming town of Danville, Iowa and you will pass by many local attractions. Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors has plenty of homes for sale in Danville, Iowa for you to choose from. Continue browsing this page to see all houses for sale and real estate options.

Danville is located west of Burlington, IA. View homes for sale in the Burlington area for more real estate options.

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These attractions consist of the Danville Community School District, the local library, Danville Fire Station and even the Bear’s Den Playground located in the town park. The quaint town of Danville is located about four miles northeast of Geode State Park, a 1,640-acre park with a breathtaking 187-acre lake and four miles northwest of Middletown.

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Danville History

Danville, with a population of upwards of 930 residents, was founded in 1854 by Alanson and Miss Harriet Messenger, and is a city in Des Moines County, Iowa.

Attractions and Entertainment

Geode State Park: Named for Iowa’s state rock, the geode, Geode State Park is 1,640 acres. The prime attraction is Lake Geode, a peaceful 187-acre lake that has become well-known for excellent fishing for large mouth bass, bluegill, crappie, channel catfish, bullhead and redear sunfish. At Geode State Park there are many amenities within the park to make for a fun-filled day.

Danville Library: The Danville Library is housed within the Danville Station. The Station contains multiple areas of interest to the locals, including the Danville Library, the Danville Museum, the Anne Frank Connection, the 100-seat activity room, and Danville’s tourism center.

Water’s Roadside Park: Located southeast of Danville, this park sits off of old Highway 34 and features picnic tables for relaxing, a fire grill and also a restroom. It was donated to the Des Moines County Conservation in 1985.

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