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Rock Falls, Illinois is located in northwestern Illinois, where the city is separated to the north from its sister city, Sterling, by the Rock River. Rock Falls recently announced a massive redevelopment for the downtown area and riverfront. The state of Illinois is investing over 4 billion dollars to add new space for business and neighborhoods. Buying a home in Rock Falls opens you up to growth and new opportunities, surrounded by attractions and scenic views.

Learn more about the community of Rock Falls, Illinois, including the current real estate market, homes for sale and local points of interest and attractions.

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Rock Falls History

Once the Black Hawk War was concluded, people rushed to the area making it one of the last settled parts of Illinois. Hezekiah Brink was the first to truly put down roots in this area, and he, and most of the early settlers, were from Indiana.

Rock Falls’ history is tied in closely to the town of Sterling, which was originally two towns – Harrisburg and Chatham. They merged into Sterling, Illinois to have a chance at winning the county seat.

It was in 1867 that Rock Falls, Illinois was founded by A. P. Smith. Smith was an entrepreneur, and he bought the rights to water power, which was essential to creating an industrial area in Rock Falls. As a result of Smith’s work, Rock Falls-Sterling became the home to many businesses throughout the years, including the Charter Gas Engine Company, Lawrence Brothers Incorporated, National Manufacturing and more.

Rock Falls Community

Rock Falls is a scenic place to enjoy the outdoors. There are 17 parks that extend 541 acres and offer entertainment for all ages. Baseball diamonds, tennis courts, soccer fields, pavilions and playgrounds are available. There is also plenty of open grassy areas for a picnic or gathering with family and friends.

Attractions and Entertainment

Close proximity to the Rock River, the Hennepin Canal, and the Centennial Park Lake offer easy water access in Rock Falls. Residents enjoy fishing, boating, hiking, and biking. The Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park goes through the city and spans over 100 miles and five counties. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and considered a must-see by residents. They recommend paddling a canoe down the calm water or horseback riding along the banks for unparalleled views.

Rock Falls has several different types of events throughout the year. Residents look forward to festivals such as the Bridge the Communities 10K, Summer Splash and Hometown Holidays.

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