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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

by Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors

Summer is here and it’s time for fun in the sun! But, before you dive into your summer activities, make sure your home is just as ready for the season as you are. Ensure your summer is a relaxing one with these timely home maintenance tips. We hope these maintenance tips will help give you peace of mind so your summer is enjoyable and worry-free. And if you need help tackling larger projects, hire a professional! Not only will your Realtor have a trusted recommendation for almost every project on your timeline, but we also have a preferred vendor webpage that will help you get connected with the experts you need. 

   Check-in on your HVAC system. Checking to make sure your HVAC filter is clean will help your system work efficiently which translates to more money saved!    
   Clean your appliances. Cleaning the coils on the back of your fridge will help lower the system’s energy usage. 
   Utilize ceiling fans. Reversing your ceiling fans to run counterclockwise will help circulate the cool air in your home.
   Update your thermostat. Save money on energy by re-evaluating your thermostat. A wifi-connected thermostat can allow you more control over your home, even from your phone!   
   Secure your fence. Checking and reinforcing fence posts that may have shifted over the winter will keep your perimeter secure.
   Prepare your gutters. Cleaning gutters and downspouts as well as checking for damage before storm season will help prevent any external water damage to your home.
   Keep fruit flies at bay. Cleaning out your garbage disposal will help prevent any unwanted pests!
   Double-check windows and doors. Checking weather strips around your doors and windows to ensure a tight seal, will ensure your air conditioner isn’t working overtime.
   De-weed your garden. Prep your summer garden for planting by laying down mulch or fertilizer in your garden soil to keep weeds down and give your plants a head start on growing.
   Clean your patio. When bringing out your patio furniture, give it a good cleaning to remove any dust or cobwebs to give your outdoor space an inviting look for those summer barbeques.
   Watch for ants! Keep an eye out for sawdust at the baseboards caused by carpenter ants as well as termites that shed their wings along windowsills and other entry points.
   Keep cool! Consider using a dehumidifier in your home to dissuade mold, and pests, and reduce the amount of work on your air conditioner.
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