Importance of a Real Estate Review

by Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors

A lot can happen in a year which is why sitting down with your real estate agent annually can be very beneficial whether you are thinking of selling your home or not. Swift housing market changes can happen and news sources and publications can provide too little or too much information, not always relevant to you and your needs. A real estate review is a customized solution for you, your home, and your neighborhood provided by your Realtor! Giving you accurate, real-time information that you can use to make intelligent future decisions.

Why Get a Real Estate Review

A real estate review can be a great way to determine and understand the value of your home. If you have been in your home for a few years it’s helpful to see how the numbers have changed. The information provided to you can be the push you need to start some home improvement projects or invest equity into a rental property to accrue passive income.

In fact, a Real Estate Review is often the first step you’d want to take in order to understand your investment opportunities. And if the idea of becoming a landlord is unappealing to you, there are other solutions for you to still maximize your investment without sacrificing your time. 

If you are interested in selling your home in the near future but not exactly sure if now is the right time, a Real Estate Review is a great benchmark tool to determine if you are ready to begin the process. Our custom neighborhood and market tracker reports provide a look into how homes in your area are performing or have recently performed. These reports include comparative statistics similar to your own home which give you an idea of how your home could do when it hits the market. 

Lastly, by sitting down with your agent you have the opportunity to ask for their general feedback. What trends are they seeing in home design, what improvements projects are worth the spend, and do they have recommendations on how to prepare your home for the market? There are plenty of things to discuss and your agent will always come prepared with the answers you need. 

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