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Tracey DeVolder

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Hello friend!

Can you remember a time when a certain event, or maybe something someone had said, had such an impact that is shifted your life forever?

Isn't it amazing how the BEST moments in life typically come when we least expect them too?  That very thing happened to me not so long ago...

I was at a social event making small talk with an acquaintance of mine.  She asked what I did for a living.  I told her that I had been self-employed cleaning houses for 15 years.  She gave me an odd stare; she kind of rolled her eyes and said, "You should SELL them!"

Wow!!!  What a fabulous idea!!!  What had I been thinking????  I love people!  I'm always wanting the very best for them! To help them in any way I can!  I've found, in my own life, that that has been one of the secrets to happiness!

My new friend had just given me a priceless gift!  Her simple words!  And so, I started to embark on my new journey; to make a living positively touching the lives of others!  And the "butterfly-effect" remains in motion!

I would appreciate the opportunity to serve you in any of your real estate needs.  My commitment to you is that you have a seamless real estate experience with excellence and professionalism everytime!

I so appreciate you taking the time to read this story today!  I hope you found it encouraging!

Be blessed as you walk through this amazing gift we call life!

Tracey DeVolder


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5 Stars

Dianna Hook

Tracey was great! She kept in touch with me through the whole process and was so very helpful. She made the experience fantastic.

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Tracey DeVolder

Licensed In IL
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Moline Office

1701 - 52nd Avenue
Moline, IL 61265