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Region’s 3rd Quarter Housing Market

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Region’s Housing Market Turned the Corner in Third Quarter

According to economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics, the recession, which began in December 2007, has ended. Further, they noted the housing recovery “will gather momentum” and 2010 will be the first year since 2005 that the housing sector will contribute to overall growth. After flattening out this year, house prices, they said, will see a “modest gain of 2% in 2010.” Third quarter marked the turnaround point for housing sales in our markets. At Ruhl&Ruhl, for example, we sold and closed on 8.4% more properties during the third quarter of 2009 than during the third quarter of 2008, comparing 1187 sales this year to 1095 sales last year. Pending sales written in September of 2009 and not yet closed were up 23% over September of last year and sales written during the first three weeks of October were up 55%. So fourth quarter sales closed will be well ahead of fourth quarter 2008 as well. The 2009 Regional Real Estate Results chart on page 2 shows that year to date the number of properties sold is still down from last year, ranging from 3% down in the Iowa City area to 17% down in the Maquoketa/Preston/Bellevue markets. This reflects the devastating first quarter results. In most markets, year to date sales volume is also down more than the number of properties sold. This is because more lower-priced homes have been selling due to the first-time homebuyer tax credit. This change in the mix of deals to more lower-priced sales and fewer higher-priced sales has also resulted in lower average sales prices in most of our markets. The good news is – now that first-time buyers have purchased entry level homes, sellers of those homes can buy new, more expensive homes, and we will see increasing average sales prices. Home prices in our region continue to be stable, as show in the Federal Housing Finance Agency chart on page attached. Ranked by price appreciation, all of our regional markets are in the top 25% of 294 Metropolitan Statistical Areas nationally. This continues to be a great time to buy a home in our markets. Interest rates are still near record lows – in the range of 5.000%-5.250% for 30-year conventional and FHA mortgages and 4.375%-4.625% for 15-year mortgages. All sellers are advised to get pre-approved for a mortgage before listing their homes for sale if they are planning to purchase a new home. Because of the tightened credit requirements, some sellers have sold their homes only to find they no longer qualify for a mortgage to purchase a new home. While mortgages monies are still readily available in our region to buyers with good credit, nationally nearly one-third of all borrowers who applied for a loan last year were turned down, according to the Federal Reserve. Call 1862 Mortgage to get preapproved at 563-441-1862.   Today, Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS, the residential company, has 250 sales associates, 60 employees and ten residential offices serving eastern Iowa and western Illinois, along with its corporate office in Davenport, Iowa. The company annually sells approximately 3,400 homes in the areas it serves, including offices in Davenport, Bettendorf, Clinton, Dubuque, Bellevue, Muscatine, Coralville, DeWitt, and Maquoketa, Iowa and in Moline, Illinois. In addition to residential sales, Ruhl&Ruhl offers services in relocation, new home sales, farm sales, senior services, property management, and mortgage services through 1862 Mortgage.  For more information on Ruhl&Ruhl, visit their website at

The New Construction Market

Friday, October 23, 2009

The HARD Facts About our Soft New Construction Market

As much as we in the Midwest like to think we are insulated from the tremendous swings in the market often experienced by the coasts and some larger markets, the truth is – this time we are in it too!  Developers and builders in our region continue to suffer through a drought when it comes to financing being available for anything from a single spec home to any kind of new development.  Loans that are already on the books are being scrutinized very closely, with new appraisals and cash calls becoming very common among builders and developers of all sizes and capabilities.   This has resulted in a situation where shrinking new home sales becomes a “self-fulfilling prophesy” as spec inventories dwindle and cannot be replaced and pre-sold opportunities are missed because of tightened lending practices for both consumers and builders. Add in the rapidly increasing mandates on the part of federal, state and local governments regarding everything from erosion control to attempting to mandate interior sprinkler systems, and it is easy to see why homebuilders of all sizes might be questioning their career choice. In the region served by Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors, while the year-to-date sales of all new residences is down from the same period in’08, there are some signs of stability and a few bright spots.  The three largest new construction markets within our region are the Quad Cities, the Iowa City area and Dubuque.  Of the three, Dubuque has shown the most stability, as unit sales recorded are exactly equal to the same nine month period in ’08.  Overall, Quad City market unit sales have dropped 23% in the same period and the Iowa City market is off by 26%.  Hardest hit in all of these markets is the sale of free-standing houses. The three major markets combined have suffered a 48% reduction in sales so far this year, as compared to the same period in ’08.  But, sales of condos, townhomes and zero lot line residences are up 13% across these same markets.  The net result is still a loss of 26% in unit sales for these three markets but a 56% increase in market share for condos, townhomes and zero lot line homes.  An additional underlying factor is the fact that a relatively high percentage of the condo sales increase is in a price range of $150K and less, meaning that fewer dollars were spent and there was less “ripple effect” in our various communities’ economies.  Overall, the decrease in dollar volume sales is far greater that the drop in unit sales.  A perfect example of this phenomenon is the North Liberty market.  Through the first nine months of 2008, North Liberty had recorded 140 house sales and 143 condo sales – a very balanced market.  For the same period this year, they have 55 house sales (-61%) and 183 condo sales (+28%) for a net loss of unit sales of 16%.  North Liberty’s experience is very typical in our region. As mentioned earlier, widespread unavailability of financing for builders and the changing sales statistics are having an impact on the new construction inventory in the region.  At the end of 2008, free-standing houses represented 65% of all new construction sales and 46% of inventory in our region.  At the end of the 3rd quarter in 2009, they represented 45.4% of year-to-date sales and 49% of new construction inventory.  And, as condo, townhome and zero lot line homes sales have increased from 35%to 55% of sales, their inventory levels have fallen from 54% to 51% of the market, leaving an overall market inventory that is 14% smaller than at the end of ’08, but more balanced with current sales activity.   Unrelated to sales statistics, another continuing trend we have observed is the shrinking of new homes in terms of square footage, in exchange for more versatile and open floor plans with increased emphasis on upscale finishes and amenities. As “space for the sake of space” becomes less universally attractive and more expensive to maintain, “Thinking Big” refers more to the QUALITY of our ideas and designs – not the SIZE of our carbon footprint. Not all the FACTS are negative.  Despite what you read or hear – If you are thinking about buying or building a new home, NOW is probably the perfect time to move forward.   We still have LOW interest rates, beautiful building sites, experienced and innovative builders and a wealth of emerging technological developments and new products available, making this a great time to move forward.  And here is a KEY FACT to remember…………………………………….. IT WILL NEVER GET LESS EXPENSIVE TO BUILD YOUR DREAM THAN IT IS TODAY!!! Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS, the residential company, has 250 sales associates, 60 employees and ten residential offices serving eastern Iowa and western Illinois, along with its corporate office in Davenport, Iowa. The company annually sells approximately 3,400 homes in the areas it serves, including offices in Davenport, Bettendorf, Clinton, Dubuque, Bellevue, Muscatine, Coralville, DeWitt, and Maquoketa, Iowa and in Moline, Illinois. In addition to residential sales, Ruhl&Ruhl offers services in relocation, property management, new home sales, farm sales, senior services, and mortgage services through 1862 Mortgage.  For more information on Ruhl&Ruhl, visit their website at


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


10. Amenities Gourmet kitchen, mini-spa bathroom, home theatre. You want it you got it! It’s all about you! 9. Energy and Resource Efficiency Today’s new homes are increasingly energy-efficient. You’ll be amazed at how low your utility bills can be! 8. Low Maintenance Cost You’ll have more time and money to do things you really want to do! 7. Build Wealth Today’s flexible financing options allow for minimum down payments, while you build maximum returns on the total value of the home. Plus you get to live there! 6. Financial Security College expenses, retirement, emergencies. Your 401K should be so useful. 5. Interest Rates Currently near historic lows. 4. Great Selection More choices in every price range. 3. Tax Benefits Enjoy huge deductions on mortgage interest as well as state and local property taxes. 2. Safety The condition of our housing market is incredibly stable. Housing values continue to increase over time! 1. The Opportunity is Now You will never build a home tomorrow for less than what you can build it for today.

Thinking of a Career in Real Estate? Think Ruhl&Ruhl!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS’ mission is to develop confident, trustworthy, successful, integrity-minded real estate professionals who are working and learning to their highest potential in a caring and supportive environment taught by a competent staff of well known industry leaders.A career in Real Estate can be exciting and rewarding.  But choosing a new career path requires great thought and careful research.  The information provided here will answer some questions you may have about a career in Real Estate, prepare you for its challenges, and provide direction to get you started. The real estate profession is both challenging and rewarding. Real estate is for people who are able to manage their time and be accountable for themselves. Real estate is for people who are motivated and want to end their day knowing they have accomplished something: helping make the process of buying and selling a home less stressful for someone by offering a wealth of knowledge. Who succeeds in real estate?  All kinds of people: • Professionals Seeking a Second Career • Sales and Service Professionals • Professional  Volunteers and Homemakers • Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, Retirees • College grads   Essentially, if you enjoy working with people, and are filled with personal drive for success and excellence and are looking for a career that allows you to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and earn a paycheck that truly reflects the amount of time and effort you put in real estate may be the career for you.  Whether you are just considering a real estate career or you are an experienced agent, Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS may be the right choice for you.  No company will work harder for your success.   For further details, or to register for an upcoming Career Seminar, contact: Darcy Holle - 563-441-5102 A to provide you place your class? Do you think over the best writers via live chat. You just a well-researched, original writing? 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Mobile Applications link buyers, agents

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ruhl&Ruhl is featured in the Quad City Business Journal for the Mobile Ruhl applications! To download Mobile Ruhl click here Mobile applications link buyers, agents By Doug Schorpp New Web-based mobile application systems are up and running for two Quad-City real estate firms, giving agents and customers access to all information about properties on their mobile phones. Mel Foster Co. and Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors both announced the launch of their applications in late July. Kris Ratigan, marketing director for Mel Foster, said the company’s Web site is optimized to work fast on all mobile devices. It is available nationwide, making it useful to companies and individuals relocating to the area, she said. The Web site is “This new application is…designed to allow real estate clients and prospects to contact our agents and 10 area offices as well as view all area residential listings in eastern Iowa and western Illinois from their mobile devices,” Ratigan said. She said the Web site has been gaining momentum as buyers and sellers catch on. The consumer can search by address, even a partial address, city, state, ZIP code, or MLS number. “This is an exciting time as technology lends new ways to connect with people,” Ratigan said. Mobile Ruhl Ruhl&Ruhl’s new application, Mobile Ruhl, allows users to search real-time property information, display listings on a map and has GPS capabilities. Consumers can search almost every listing in eastern Iowa, western Illinois, and southwestern Wisconsin, whether listed by Ruhl or another company. The GPS technology pinpoints the location of the user and delivers information. Users also can search by price, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as address, city and ZIP code. The application can be downloaded by going to and clicking on the “Mobile Ruhl” icon. “This new technology gives our clients the benefit of having all real estate listings right at their fingertips, whether at home, in the office or even in the car,” Ruhl&Ruhl company president Caroline Ruhl said.  Survey Shows changing habits                 An online survey of respondents ages 25-59 done for Smarter Agent, the company that worked with Ruhl&Ruhl, showed the availability of a mobile real estate application had a significant impact on loyalty and perception of a specific real estate agent or broker. Among the findings:
  • 49 percent said they would be more inclined to use a real estate agent to list their home who offered a mobile application as part of a marketing plan to attract buyers
  • 39 percent said they would choose a real estate agent who offered a mobile application to search for real estate for free
  • 90 percent are aware that they can download applications to their cell phones
Article provided by: Quad-City Business Journal

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      3. Flood Insurance Rates May Rise for Homeowners
      4. Should You Buy that Fixer-Upper?
      5. New Commercial Real Estate Company Opens in Quad Cities!
      6. Home Prices Continue to Rise in Local Markets
      7. Ruhl&Ruhl Realtor’s is more than Real Estate – We’re Family!
    2. NOV (4)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors Announced Top Real Estate Company by Community
      2. Ruhl&Ruhl Sponsors Toy Tree at the 2013 Festival of Trees
      3. Travis Hiatt Elected Secretary/Treasurer for Iowa City Area Association of Realtors
      4. Emilie Blindt Awarded “Newcomer of the Year” by the Iowa City Area Association of Realtors
    3. OCT (2)
      1. Ranked #5 Website in Nation
      2. Congratulations to Sam Rollins
    4. SEP (3)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl Announced as Iowa Top Workplace
      2. Kristin Mayo Receives Community Betterment Grant
      3. Dubuque Iowa Listed Within Top 10 Great Cities
    5. AUG (4)
      1. 2013 QCBR Fall Parade of Homes
      2. Sharon Tahere Nominated for Good Neighbor Award
      3. Ruhl Mortgage – New Name for Local Mortgage Company
      4. Quad Cities at Lowest Housing Inventory since 2000
    6. JUL (2)
      1. Blue Skies Ahead in our Local Real Estate Markets
      2. What If I Don’t Currently Qualify For a New Mortgage
    7. MAY (2)
      1. Home Prices Steadily Rising in our Local Markets
      2. Ruhl Premier Access – FREE Super Suite of Tools
    8. APR (8)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS presents the Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Plant Sale
      2. Ruhl&Ruhl hits 300!
      3. Revision of FHA Mortgage Policies
      4. Caroline Ruhl Inspired by New Strategies and Networking at the Cartus Broker Network International Conference
      5. Catch a Buyers’ Eye – Top Rated Exterior Improvement Projects
      6. 2013 QCBR Spring Parade of Homes
      7. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Ranked Iowa’s Largest Privately Owned Real Estate Company
      8. The TRUTH about How Real Estate Agents Get Paid
    9. MAR (2)
      1. User Guide - Mobile Real Estate Solution
      2. Quad Cities at Lowest Housing Inventory since 2001
    10. FEB (5)
      1. Home Prices Steady in our Markets
      2. The Best Industry to work in? Real Estate!
      3. From Residential Investments to Real Estate Wealth
      4. New Home Sales Rebound in 2012
      5. Ruhl&Ruhl has launched its brand new app mobileRuhl!
    11. JAN (5)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl Stays Hot Leading the Real Estate Market Again!
      2. Davenport NOW Tax Incentive Extended
      3. Ruhl&Ruhl Leads Quad Cities Real Estate Market
      4. Despite Old Man Winter, Cedar Rapids Real Estate Market Warming
      5. Matt Schwind Recognized as Iowa Realtor of the Year
  7. 2012 (38)
    1. DEC (2)
      1. Ruhl and Ruhl Selected as a SIRVA Relocation Preferred Broker
      2. Make your move- 8 Money Saving Moving Tips
    2. NOV (2)
      1. Black Friday Survival Guide
      2. Is It Time to Invest in a Rental Property?
    3. OCT (1)
      1. Iowa Farmland Increased 18.5% in Value
    4. SEP (2)
      1. 5 Reasons to Sell Now
      2. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Participates in 2012 Fall Parade of Homes
    5. AUG (5)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Participates in the Student Hunger Corporate Challenge
      2. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Participates in the United Way Day of Caring
      3. Why wait? Davenport Real Estate NOW!
      4. Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors Celebrates Success for First Half of 2012
      5. Is There a 3.8% Sales Tax on Homes in the Health Bill?
    6. JUL (4)
      1. Quad Cities Housing Market Recovery Charging Ahead
      2. Loan Officer Receives Community Grant
      3. Should You Wait to Sell??
      4. Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors Moves into New, High-Tech Office
    7. JUN (2)
      1. Sizzle vs. Steak or Sizzle AND Steak?
      2. The Emotion Driving the Housing Recovery
    8. MAY (2)
      1. New Manager Joins Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS in Cedar Rapids
      2. Proper Planning for Your Mortgage Application
    9. APR (5)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl Participates in 2012 Spring Parade of Homes
      2. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Ranked Iowa’s Largest Privately Owned Real Estate Company
      3. What It Means To Be an ‘EXPERT’ in Real Estate
      4. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Supports the Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Plant Sale
      5. FHA Mortgage Insurance Changes Coming April 9th
    10. MAR (4)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl Hosts 2 FREE Career Seminars
      2. Buying a Home? The COST Is More Important Than the PRICE
      3. House Sales in the U.S.
      4. Home Prices Continue to be Strong in our Markets
    11. FEB (5)
      1. 1862 Mortgage Offers Home Affordable Refinance Program
      2. Is It Time for Young Families to Buy a Home?
      3. Where Are Rents Headed?
      4. New Construction Inventory Falling
      5. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Celebrates Sales Growth in 2011
    12. JAN (4)
      1. Iowa housing market stable
      2. America’s Top 10 States For Business in 2011
      3. Funds Available for Military Homebuyers in Illinois
      4. Comparing Real Estate To Other Investments
  8. 2011 (79)
    1. DEC (4)
      1. One in Five Baby Boomers Gifting or Loaning Money to Children or Grandchildren to Help Buy Homes
      2. “As A Home Seller, Why Should You Care About Involving A LENDER In The Home Selling Equation?”
      3. The Need for a True Real Estate Professional
      4. Home Prices Strong in our Markets
    2. NOV (6)
      1. How Much Should You Put Down?
      2. Is There a 3.8% Tax on Homes in the Health Bill?
      3. Americans Still Believe in the Value of Homeownership
      4. Is the Real Estate Market a Good Return on Investment?
      5. What If I Don’t Currently Qualify For a New Mortgage?
      6. Top 10 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers
    3. OCT (7)
      1. Was it Worth Waiting?
      2. $3,500 in Down Payment Assistance is now available for Qualified Iowa Home Buyers
      3. Ruhl&Ruhl Supports the Dubuque Museum of Art
      4. New Manager Joins Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS in
      5. New Manager Joins Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS in Moline Office
      6. Short Sale vs. Foreclosure: A Short Sale Always Wins
      7. Ruhl&Ruhl Named for Having One of the Most Colorful Trees in the QC
    4. SEP (6)
      1. America’s Top 10 States For Business in 2011
      2. Home Sales: Investors Are About to Return
      3. Cleaning Up the Negative Media on Housing
      4. Ruhl&Ruhl Participates in 2011 Fall Parade of Homes
      5. Increasing Demand Increases Value of Farmland
      6. Short Sales: Has Their Time Finally Arrived?
    5. AUG (6)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl Selected as a Prudential Preferred Broker
      2. Home Prices Stable in Our Markets
      3. Ruhl&Ruhl Expands to Offer Consulting, Asset Management & Multi-Family Brokerage
      4. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Announces New Burlington Office
      5. It’s Time to Buy (or Refinance)
      6. More Disclosures on the Way to “Help” the Consumer
    6. JUL (5)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl Congratulates Rock Island Arsenal for Best Overall Chapter Award
      2. Why Do People Actually Buy a Home?
      3. 5 Real Estate Headlines You’ll See in the Next Six Months
      4. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTOR Assists with the Sale of Cedar Rapids Church
      5. Top 5 Real Estate Headlines in the 1st Half of 2011
    7. JUN (9)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Sponsors THE Quad City Marathon
      2. A Window of Opportunity for House Sellers
      3. Will Falling Values Lead to More Strategic Defaults?
      4. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS to Host FREE Career Seminar
      5. Fixed-rate Mortgages Fall to 6-Month Lows
      6. Mortgage Insurance Cancellation: The Myths and Realities
      7. How To Make An Offer that Will Be Accepted
      8. Should You Rent or Buy in this Market?
      9. Why You Need a True Professional to Sell Your Home
    8. MAY (7)
      1. Appraisals: Why You Must Now Sell Your House Twice
      2. Is a Short Sale or a Foreclosure My Best Option?
      3. 5 Reasons You Should Consider Selling Now
      4. Even the Naysayers Are Saying To Buy Now!
      5. Almost 14,000 Houses Sold Yesterday
      6. A Bull Market in Rental Housing
      7. RUHL&RUHL REALTORS Sales Professionals Earn Affinity Specialist From Cartus Broker Services
    9. APR (9)
      1. 11 Cities Where Homes Sell the Fastest – Iowa City, IA Made the List!
      2. Foreclosures: Bringing Clarity to the Confusion
      3. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Sponsor of Schmooza Palooza
      4. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Ranked Iowa’s Largest Privately Owned Real Estate Company
      5. NEWSFLASH: There Is NO Inventory!!!
      6. Fannie Mae Announces 3.5% Buyer Assistance on REO Properties
      7. Real Estate and Financing Are PERSONAL
      8. 2011 Spring Parade of Homes
      9. What is a QR code? And what does it do?
    10. MAR (10)
      1. Real Estate: GOLDen Opportunity of This Decade
      2. Iowa Farmland Increased 25.4% in Value
      3. Distressed Sales: State by State
      4. Military Homebuyer Tax Credits Still Available!
      5. 10 Reasons People Decide to Buy a Home
      6. If Prices Are Falling, Why Are the Rich Buying?
      7. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Partners with Nelson Brothers Insurance
      8. 7 Tips for Short Sale Success
      9. For Buyers: The Financial Opportunity of a Lifetime?
      10. If Your Goal Is to Buy Low, Buy Now!
    11. FEB (5)
      1. First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Repayment
      2. Selling Your House? 5 Reasons To Do It NOW!
      3. Does It Make Sense To Buy a Home?
      4. Where Are Housing Prices Headed?
      5. Trending Up in 2011
    12. JAN (5)
      1. Housing Market in Q-C ‘bubbling’
      2. Experts on Real Estate
      3. Rental Prices Jump 11.6 Percent in 2010
      4. 3 Questions You Must Answer Before Buying a Home
      5. Do Neighborhood Watch Groups Cut Crime and Insurance Costs?
  9. 2010 (38)
    1. DEC (6)
      1. 5/1 ARM Offers Best of Price and Stability
      2. Foreclosures Decreasing: Exploring the Short Sale Option
      3. Millennium Did Not Crash the Housing Market, What a Great Decade!
      4. Real Estate a Great Investment in Our Region
      5. Myths: The Earth Is Flat and Newspapers Sell Houses
      6. 5 Holiday Hosting Disasters and How to Avoid Them
    2. NOV (5)
      1. Buying a Home Now Is a No-Brainer
      2. Robson Homes Now Building at Prairie Heights in Davenport
      3. Scott County New Home Sales Grow in 2010
      4. Protect Our Property Values: Short Sales Better Than Foreclosures
      5. Should You Move or Improve?
    3. OCT (3)
      1. Best Time to Buy? Bottom of a Recession!
      2. Why wait? Davenport NOW!
      3. DIY Home Energy Audit in 6 Easy Steps
    4. SEP (6)
      1. Home Prices Up in Our Markets
      2. Best Chance to Sell Your Home the First 5 Days on the Market
      3. Understanding Real Estate Representation
      4. How to Assess the Real Cost of a Fixer-Upper
      5. Pending Home Sales on the Rise
      6. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Participates in Student Hunger Drive
    5. AUG (2)
      1. Health Care Bill Includes New “Real Estate Transfer Tax”
      2. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Announces New Cedar Rapids Office
    6. JUL (2)
      1. Mike Wendt Assumes Role as Ruhl&Ruhl General Sales Manager
      2. Tax Credit Deadline Extended
    7. JUN (2)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Critiqued by Peers
      2. Head Shave for Hospice
    8. MAY (2)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl to Host Military Financing Seminar
      2. Post-Tax Credit Buyers May Save Money
    9. APR (3)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl Outsells Mel Foster Company
      2. A Strong Start to the New Year - Scott & Rock Island Counties New Construction Report
      3. North Liberty Dominates Iowa City Area New Construction
    10. MAR (2)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl Receives Five Star Circle of Excellence Award at Cartus Broker Network International Conference
      2. Q-C's new homes market shows signs of growth
    11. FEB (2)
      1. New Manager Joins Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS in Maquoketa and DeWitt
      2. Sales Growth in 2009
    12. JAN (3)
      1. Fifth Generation Joins Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS
      2. Q-C home sales show strength
      3. New Construction Markets Stabilizing
  10. 2009 (35)
    1. DEC (3)
      1. New Construction Coming Back to Life
      2. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Wins Primacy Relocation Recognition
      3. Homebuyer Tax Credit FAQ
    2. NOV (4)
      1. How to score an offer
      2. Obama Signs Extended Tax Credit into Law
      3. Congress Passes Homebuyer Tax Credit
      4. Choosing an Agent
    3. OCT (7)
      1. Region’s 3rd Quarter Housing Market
      2. The New Construction Market
      4. Thinking of a Career in Real Estate? Think Ruhl&Ruhl!
      5. Mobile Applications link buyers, agents
      6. Everything You Need To Know About the First Time Home Buyer $8,000 Tax Credit
      7. September Brings a Continued Real Estate Upswing in our Markets
    4. SEP (6)
      1. Finding or Selling Your Home while using Social Media
      2. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Celebrates Grand Opening of New Muscatine Office
      3. MobileRuhl
      4. 1862 Mortgage
      5. Plan your own Open House Tour!
      6. Totally New Website with New look, Improved Function
    5. JUL (1)
      1. Mobile Ruhl: Search Listings on Your Cell Phone
    6. JUN (3)
      1. Federal tax credit continues to draw new home buyers
      2. Davenport, IA Passes Tax-Rebate Program: Davenport NOW
      3. Ruhl&Ruhl REALTORS Announces New Office in Muscatine
    7. MAY (3)
      1. Q-C housing sales rebound
      2. Quad City Home Sales Bright Spot in Country
      3. Website Visits, April 2008 to April 2009
    8. APR (5)
      1. Iowa Finance Authority: Military Service Member Homeownership Assistance
      2. REOHome Program from Iowa Finance Authority
      3. The Real Estate Market Is Back!
      4. Ruhl&Ruhl 100th Largest Broker in Country
      5. Ruhl&Ruhl agents had the best week since July 2007!
    9. MAR (2)
      1. 2009 - First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit - FAQ's
      2. 1862 Mortgage - Finding a loan officer thats right for you.
    10. JAN (1)
      1. Ruhl&Ruhl Celebrates Market Share Gains
  11. 2008 (2)
    1. DEC (2)
      1. Builders Respond to Changing Market
      2. 1862 Mortgage

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